A Lust for Life by Irving Stone

A definitive biography on one of the most celebrated artists of all time.

518x3L2KqfL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Lust for Life is a beautifully written biography that brings alive the life of, perhaps, one of the greatest artist in history- Vincent Van Gogh. He traces the life of the artist from his early days as a priest at Borinage to his journey in becoming an artist from Etten, The Hague, Nuenen, Paris, Arles and lastly to his final destination at St. Remy and Auvers.  

This book really brings alive Van Gogh’s pain, the madness, and his insatiable drive to create. While reading, you are completely sucked into the vortex of his life and can’t help but feel all the things that he does.  The pain, the joy, the excitement; it’s all wrapped into one.  

I don’t want to say that it’s a sad story, as one may feel, for he suffered heartache from many broken relationships, lived for days end without food, and lastly tried to kill himself- No!

This is a story of simple desire to create- a pursuit of life’s calling. Regardless of the many hardships he faced, Van Gogh was convinced of his calling, he knew he was meant to paint and so he did. Let’s think about it- how many of us are lucky enough to find this? To know exactly what we are meant to do in this life? That one thing which will bring us happiness and peace of mind?  Van Gogh may have left this world penniless but, somewhere I think, he left satisfied and happy that he has done his life’s work.

That is his triumph.

Irving Stone’s masterful writing brings to fore all these feelings, it leaves the reader inspired, and sheds a new perspective on Van Gogh’s life. It’s an essential read for art enthusiast and others alike. 


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