Heroines by Ira Mukhoty (2016)

A well researched account of known & unknown women in Indian history and mythology.


Ira Mukhoty’s Heroines is a well researched book on lives of six prominent women in Indian history and mythology, women who have dared break away from shackles of patriarchy.

She does a remarkable job in chronically the lives of these women given the limited documentation in history. She brings forth stories of forgotten women like Ambapali and Hazrat Mahal, who refused to succumb to the diktats of the society and were brave to have walked on a path that was inaccessible to women, as well as a different perspective in the established narrative. e.g. the segment on Rani Lakshmi Bai details out her legitimate claim to throne, her negotiations with the British and her reluctance in participating in the 1857 freedom struggle, which she eventually did because the situation demanded it but the initial phase of diplomacy is often ignored in the popular narrative. Mukhoty keeps you engaged in the lives of these women with her clear and concise writing, giving the reader an unputdownable experience.

It’s important to read these stories only to be reminded of the boldness and fortitude of these women and the role they play in our composite culture.

Rating: 3.5/5





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