Reading List 2017

  1. When Breath Becomes Air- Paul Kalanithi
  2. Walking Towards Ourselves- Catriona Mitchell
  3. All My Friends are Superheroes- Andrew Kaufman
  4. Land of Seven Rivers: A brief history of India’s geography- Sanjeev Sanyal
  5. You Can Beat Your Brain- David McRaney
  6. The Ocean on Churn: How the Indian Ocean shaped human history- Sanjeev Sanyal
  7. The Underground Railroad- Colson Whitehead
  8. Sapiens: A brief history of humankind-  Yuval Noah Harari
  9. Power of the Mind- Michio Kaku
  10. Into The Wild- Jon Krakauer
  11. Being Mortal: medicine and what matters in the end- Atul Gawande
  12. Wild- Cheryl Strayed
  13. The Emergency- Coomi Kapoor
  14. What if: serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions- Randall Munroe
  15. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat- Oliver Sacks
  16. Incognito: secret life of the brain- David Engleman
  17. Grit: power of passion perseverance – Angela Duckworth
  18. Interpreter Of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri
  19. Norwegian Wood- Haruki Murakami
  20. The Inheritance Of Loss- Anita Desai
  21. Remains Of The Day- Kazuo Ishiguro
  22. The Known World- Edward P. Jones
  23. Rome Tales- Helen Constantine and Hugh Shankland
  24. The Unbearable Lightness of Being- Milan Kundera
  25. One Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  26. The Catcher in the Rye- J.D Salinger
  27. The Conquest of Happiness- Bertrand Russel

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