Kohinoor by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand (2016)

A comprehensive account of history behind the Kohinoor diamond If there’s one diamond that has captured the imagination of generations- it is the           Koh-i-noor. Dalrymple and Anand’s book takes the reader through the presumed journey of this famed diamond right from the alleged theft from the ancient Syamantaka temple in India,... Continue Reading →

Heroines by Ira Mukhoty (2016)

A well researched account of known & unknown women in Indian history and mythology. Ira Mukhoty’s Heroines is a well researched book on lives of six prominent women in Indian history and mythology, women who have dared break away from shackles of patriarchy. She does a remarkable job in chronically the lives of these women... Continue Reading →

Devlok by Devdutt Pattanaik

A very basic introduction to the vast and complex world of Hindu Mythology    The book is a compilation of subjects that featured on EPIC channel's tv show by the same name. It breaks down various stories, symbols and rituals that form the basis of Hindu culture. The selection of subjects is varied and broadly... Continue Reading →

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